About Dave Van Knapp

I specialize in dividend growth investing. Through my articles and books, I try to help other self-directed investors benefit from their investing.

I have written one book on stock investing generally (Sensible Stock Investing: How to Pick, Value, and Manage Stocks) plus seven e-books specifically about dividend growth investing. The new e-book for 2021 will be my eighth on DGI and first since 2014.

Beginning in 2008, I helped start what has become a large community of dividend growth investors on Seeking Alpha, where I have more than 23,500 followers. Since 2013, I have contributed hundreds of articles, lessons, and portfolio updates to Daily Trade Alert (DTA), where dividend growth investing is a staple of their coverage. Much of my DTA content also appears on the new platform, Dividends & Income.


I love to teach, and I love to analyze. Writing about dividend growth investing allows me to do both in a way that is both fulfilling and hopefully beneficial to other investors.

I hold an undergraduate degree in physics from Holy Cross College and a JD from Georgetown University. I retired in 2001 from a multi-national legal/professional publishing company as a Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning. I live with my wife, Sue, in Canandaigua, NY.

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