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Whether your goal is to build an income stream for retirement, create income to use right now, or accumulate wealth for the long term, dividend growth investing can help you.

With quality dividend growth stocks, you become a part-owner of successful businesses that share their profits through dividends. The dividends are deposited directly into your account in cash. These stocks pay you to invest.

It is surprising how little attention dividend growth stocks receive. Yet quietly, whether the market goes up, down, or sideways, dividend growth stocks continue to pay.

Dividend-growth stocks provide cash returns from your investments without having to sell them. Despite the media's intense focus on prices, stocks are not only valued by what you could sell them for. Quality dividend growth companies pay attractive yields and raise their dividends every year. Much of their value comes from those dividend programs, because they provide real cash that rises each year.


The dividend growth strategy allows you to partner with your companies. You share in their successes rather than trade them like baseball cards. TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021 is the premier how-to-do-it guide for dividend growth investing. It presents a straightforward sensible method for picking great dividend companies, identifying fair prices for their stocks, and building your cash-generating portfolio.

The companies behind dividend growth stocks are consistently profitable, grow their earnings through thick and thin, and operate with the best business models. 


And best of all, they share their profits with their shareholders on a regular basis: They not only pay but also raise their dividends every year. Depending on where you are in life, you can reinvest those dividends to speed your accumulation of wealth, ramp up your income stream, or take them as current income that stays ahead of inflation.


There are only a few hundred dividend growth companies in the world. My eBook, TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021: A Sensible Guide to Dividend Growth Investing, shows you how to find them, evaluate them, and build your own perpetual cash machine of increasing dividends. It presents an exclusive list and analyses of 30 great dividend growth stocks for 2021, plus a complete guide on how to construct and maintain your dividend stock portfolio.

This message is for self-directed individuals who want to be intelligent investors in superior businesses rather than try to out-gun Wall Street in endless trading games.


The dividend growth strategy is not about trying to double your money every 180 days with high-risk picks and frequent trading. Rather, it is about staying out of that market traffic, playing over where it’s safe, and earning attractive income while you build long-term wealth as you also collect rights to future income.

Keep reading to find out…

  1. 1. Why Dividend Growth Stocks are Good for Long-Term Income Building
  2. 2. Why Dividend Growth Stocks are Good for Immediate Income
  3. 3. How Dividend Growth Stocks Help You Psychologically
  4. 4. Some Features of 2021’s Top 30 Dividend Growth Stocks
  5. 5. Why the Step-by-Step Investment Guide Is Important
  6. 6. Features and Benefits of the e-Book
  7. 7. How to Purchase

1. Why Dividend Growth Stocks are Good for Long-Term Income Building

I became deeply interested in dividend growth (DG) stocks during the Great Recession of 2007-09. 


The stock market was crashing, but I was learning about a unique group of companies that were so strong that they were sending rising dividends to their shareholders every quarter. They were doing this despite the recession and while their own share prices were in decline. 


It did not take a great deal of imagination or insight to realize that such stocks could be the basis for building a portfolio that would generate rising income for myself and my wife in our retirement years.


In 2008, I converted an existing stock portfolio completely into a dividend growth portfolio. I already owned some of the stocks needed for a full-on DG collection. I sold off non-qualifying stocks and added some better ones. I initiated my “official” DG portfolio on June 1, 2008.


The main focus of the portfolio was to generate rising income. I have maintained that real portfolio, and that same focus, ever since. Here’s what has happened:

Ignoring 2008 (because it’s a partial year) and 2020 (because it’s not finished), the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of dividends between 2009 and 2019 was 9.6% per year. 


In other words, the portfolio has created an income stream that has grown – significantly faster than inflation – for the past 12+ years.


There is no trick or magic to this. I believe that anyone can create such a portfolio. It’s a matter of finding the right stocks, having a plan, and executing the plan. My e-Book will show you how.

I believe that DG stocks are attractive as a core investment for anybody, of any age.

Are you in the accumulation stage of your life? That would be basically everybody short of retirement. You have immediate financial needs, of course, but you are also saving for retirement at the same time.

Under the dividend growth approach, in your accumulation years, you reinvest dividends to accelerate your wealth-building. The following chart shows the impact of reinvesting dividends.

Impact of Reinvesting Dividends: S&P 500, 2000-2020

[Depicted: SPY (an ETF that tracks the S&P 500). The blue line shows price returns only.
The green line above it 
shows total returns with dividends reinvested. Source:]

Over the past 20+ years, reinvesting dividends in the S&P 500 index would have increased your total return from 146% to 264%. That’s a value improvement of over 80%.

What causes the big difference between the two lines? Re-investing dividends brings compounding into play. Compounding means that you make more money on money already made. When you receive a dividend, that’s “money already made.” If you reinvest it, that tees it up to “make more money.”

How that happens is simple: The reinvested dividends buy more shares. Dividends are paid per share. The more shares you own, the more dividends you receive. With every dividend cycle, you buy more shares, which increases your overall dividend stream. 

If the share prices rise over time, you will have more shares participating in that growth too.

The dividend growth strategy cannot guarantee that you will build a fortune, of course. No one can control the market value of their portfolio. But the strategy does tilt the odds in your favor that your total wealth will rise over time, and it does ensure that you are collecting more dividend rights along the way. It is these dividend rights that will put you in good stead when you hit retirement age and need inflation-beating income.

2. Why Dividend Growth Stocks Are Good for Income to Spend

Maybe you are already retired. Are you fed up with the meager yield on Treasuries and
CDs, not to mention next-to-nothing earnings of money market funds? Even with a low 2-3% rate of inflation, you may actually be losing spending power in those instruments. The days when you could simply salt away a good chunk of your money in U.S. Treasuries and long-term CDs, hoping to live off the interest, are gone.

The benefit of dividend growth stocks is pretty obvious: They provide more income than fixed income sources, and it rises over time. Your spending power not only keeps up with inflation, it surpasses it.

Plus remember, you do not have to sell your stocks to get the dividends. They are
simply sent to you or credited to your account. You don't have to touch your principal.

You can do anything you like with your dividends. Those dollars are not "trapped" inside the stock's share price. You can spend them as soon as you get them.

If you are a retiree, you can spend the dollars as month-to-month income. This is where you reap the benefits of intelligent wealth-building during your accumulation years. Your income results from having accumulated all of those dividend rights when you were accumulating the stocks in your portfolio.

Many retirees want to have both income and a growing nest egg. DG stocks make this
possible. You can reinvest some and spend the rest. And, of course, because historically the direction of the market is up, the chances are good that your dividend growth stocks will generate price appreciation over time, even without reinvesting the dividends.

In the
Great Recession of 2007-2009, many stocks got devastated. Dividend growth stocks lost market value too; dividends do not guarantee against short-term paper losses.

But the best dividend stocks held up better than most, and dividend growth investors were able to hold on, because of the cash they were receiving.

And here's the great thing: Most of the best dividend growth stocks do not stop raising their dividends during a recession or market crash

Covid-19 has caused a recession. We are in it right now. But in my Dividend Growth Portfolio (graphed earlier), I have not been hit with a single dividend cut this year. Indeed, all but one of the stocks in the portfolio has raised its dividend in 2020. I’m projecting a 11% dividend increase for the whole portfolio over 2019.


That leads us to probably the best benefit of dividend growth stocks. Unlike your fixed pension, fixed annuity, CD, or bond, your dividend income will grow each year.  

Of course, nothing in investing is guaranteed. But even if a couple of stocks in your portfolio cut or freeze their dividends, the odds are with you that your total portfolio income will increase year after year.

3. How Dividend Growth Stocks Help You Psychologically

Many dividend growth investors find that focusing on their rising dividend stream lifts a great worry off their shoulders: They stop worrying so much about the market.

The investing industry – which includes the business channels on cable TV – is fixated on the market. But the market only determines price changes. All of the common indexes (such as the Dow and S&P 500) are price-only indexes.

Such intense focus on the market's ups and downs influences investors to think that
investing is all about a series of short-term price triumphs or disasters. It influences us to think day-to-day. Falling prices instigate fear and panic, while rising prices lead to euphoria and greed.

But such emotional responses are not helpful in making sound long-term investing decisions. In fact, studies have shown that many investors regularly make blunders that dividend growth investing can help them to avoid.


Examples of such mistakes include:

  • • Buying on hype, not facts. The stocks in TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021 have been selected through a logical, fact-based process that has been validated over the years. It takes into account not only dividend metrics like yield and rate of growth, but also company quality and fundamental financial factors. The system is completely transparent, and you can apply it to other stocks that you want to analyze.
  • • Selling good stocks in a panic. Sometimes, investors get shell-shocked by market volatility and sell stocks that are actually good long-term investments. The dividend growth strategy can help you avoid this by drawing your attention to your ever-rising income stream and to the fundamental merits of your investments that have nothing to do with the market circus.
  • • Falling in love with a stock. This can be as harmful as panic selling. As detailed in the how-to-do-it sections of the eBook, a routine practice in dividend growth investing is monitoring your portfolio. In an unemotional, fact-based way, you decide if a stock is no longer fulfilling the mission you set for it. You won't trade very often, but if it becomes necessary, you will know when and how to do it.

After I reorganized my stock investing around dividend growth, I found that I was no longer stressed about stock price fluctuations or the market. It was a major shift in my thinking, and once I made it, I became an investor rather than a trader.

If you focus on the notion of simply participating in the long-term success of the businesses you own you can take the market’s ups and downs in stride. Dividends do not depend on the market's behavior. To a dividend growth investor, the market is simply a store where you go to buy, and occasionally sell, stocks. You do not go there to engage in trading battles.  

Here are just a few of the other benefits of dividend growth investing:

  • You can set realistic income goals that can be tracked, because dividends do not fluctuate like prices.

  • Dividend increases are usually a positive sign about the company, adding to your


  • Rising dividends protect against inflation.

That last point is important. Do you think the prices of gas or groceries are fixed? Of course not. That's why bonds and other fixed-income sources can't keep pace. But dividend growth stocks keep up with inflation. Five percent or eight percent annual growth in dividends is not at all unusual.

4. Some Features of 2021’s Top 30 Dividend Growth Stocks

Let me give you a few insights into this year's Top 30 DG Stocks.

  • • All companies on the Top 30 list have increased their dividends for at least 6 straight years. The longest dividend-increase streaks are 58 years, by each of two different companies.


  • • Twelve of the companies have five-year dividend growth rates of twelve percent or more.

  • The average current yield of the Top 30 is 3.2 percent. By comparison, the S&P 500’s current yield is around 1.7 percent.

  • The Top 30 contains stocks from 9 of the 11 economic sectors. A dividend growth investor can (and should) assemble a diversified portfolio across a broad economic spectrum.

  • • Many of the companies derive a significant portion of their revenue and earnings from overseas, reflecting our modern global economy. They participate in foreign and developing markets even though they are headquartered in the U.S.

The Top 30 were selected through a rigorous process. I first run an initial screen that reduces thousands of stocks down to about 500 DG stocks to create a manageable number. Stocks that don’t pay dividends, or that have not increased their dividend for at least five years in a row, are eliminated in this step.

Then I put the candidates through a series of tests covering their dividend records, corporate quality, and financial strength to identify the best ones. We want high-quality companies, not just companies with high yields or long growth streaks.

After identifying the best companies, I assess each stock’s valuation. That means looking for bargains. To be honest, that was harder this year than in the past, because stock prices are pretty elevated across the board. I was able to populate the Top 30 with stocks that are, for the most part, selling for reasonable prices. Others may drop into their “buy zones” as 2021 unfolds.

The entire system is methodical, understandable, and emotionless.

Many of the Top 30 are famous companies that you undoubtedly know. A few others may be firms that you have never heard of. But they are all great at one thing: Dispensing reliable growing dividends to their shareholders.

Here is a small sample of the companies that made the grade to the Top 30:

  • There are several consumer-products companies that supply products with well-known brand names. Their business models are based on producing things that people need. 

  • One famous company may have served you a hamburger within the past week. Or maybe a coffee or smoothie. 

  • Several companies are in the Health Care industry, supplying everything from drugs to medical devices. 

  • One of the Top 30 is the worldwide leader in snacks even if you ignore its world-class beverage business.

This compilation of some of the greatest best dividend growth stocks is available nowhere else.

5. Why the Step-by-Step Investment Guide Is Important

There is much more to
TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021: A Sensible Guide to Dividend Growth Investing than the Top 30 stocks themselves.

The eBook also contains a complete how-to-do-it investment guide. The dividend growth strategy is presented in logical steps that build a stairway to understanding and action.

Dividend growth investing is not about flash and show. It is not about doubling your money with risky picks. Rather, it is about owning quality companies and participating in their success over long periods. This requires a sensible, fact-based approach.


The how-to-do-it portion of the book comprises several chapters, covering topics like these:

  • How and why dividend growth investing works

  • Reasons to like DG investing

  • Drawbacks and oddities of the strategy – I try to be honest about things that you might not like about it

  • How to set your investing goals

  • How to select companies and value their stocks (to find fair prices)

  • How to start a portfolio

  • How to manage your portfolio – including when to sell

I also include a chapter about my own DG investing journey. My journey is illustrated by a real-time, real-money DG portfolio that has been running since 2008. The portfolio helps to convey ideas and numbers – about what you can accomplish with DG investing over the long term – in a way that plain text cannot.

I write for the individual self-directed investor. The levels of comprehensiveness and quality are high, but everything is in plain English and presented in a pleasing format. The methodology is totally transparent, and there is nothing that is not based in fact combined with sensible logic.

The text is non-hyperbolic, educational, and accessible. There are no “Secrets of the Wall Street Gurus” or “Six Things Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know.” Those approaches appeal to some people, but I don’t think my readers are looking for click-bait gimmicks like those. 

I am excited about dividend-growth investing. I have converted most of my family's nest egg over to DG stocks, including the real-life portfolio mentioned above. 


As stated earlier, I think that dividend-paying stocks are an ideal investment for most  
individual investors, with about the only exception being someone who is looking for fast hyper-growth. That is unlikely with dividend stocks. Of course, neither is fast hyper-loss.

Owning dividend stocks is exciting, rewarding, and fun.

6. Features and Benefits

Here are the most important features and benefits of
TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021: A Sensible Guide to Dividend Growth Investing:

  • • Top 30 Stocks: An exclusive compilation of fully analyzed dividend growth stocks for use in 2021. Use it as your shopping list to create or improve your dividend growth portfolio. These stocks were selected using time-tested, proven techniques for picking great DG stocks and identifying favorable valuations. They include companies in diverse industries.

  • • Complete investment guide/manual. Several chapters explain how to build, manage, and maintain a dividend stock portfolio. The step-by-step manual could stand on its own as a separate book. It thoroughly covers when to buy, hold, and sell. 

  • • Clickable links: Taking advantage of the eBook format, all source material is linked. You can jump out of the book to check something, then jump right back to continue reading. Links are provided to each company’s investor website. 

  • • Candid discussion of the pros and cons of dividend growth investing. DG stocks will not satisfy someone looking for hyper-growth in a short period of time. They are not usually of interest to rapid-fire or very active traders. The text contains a lucid and comprehensive discussion of the pros and cons of the dividend growth strategy.

  • • Real-money portfolio. My real-money, real-time DG portfolio is governed by the principles in the TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021. The portfolio illustrates how it all works. The portfolio is not a hypothetical model. It is real, and the money is my own. Therefore, I take it very seriously.

  • • Up to date. The eBook (PDF) format bypasses the lengthy delays of regular book publishing. The information in my eBook is just days old at the time of publication.

  • • Clear, succinct text: Well over half the book comprises a friendly, comprehensive, and intelligent discussion about all aspects of dividend growth investing. Besides the complete step-by-step guide, there are chapters that lay out the theoretical foundations for the DG strategy, plus of course the complete analyses of the Top 30 themselves. The text is augmented with illustrations, tables, summaries, and other aids to understanding.

  • • No separate pamphlets. The text is fully integrated. It flows logically. It contains
    complete information that is easily comprehensible. There are no cumbersome
    “bonus reports” that are really just come-ons to make it seem like you are getting lots of stuff. That’s just a marketing ploy — and it is also lazy, forcing you to weave information from each pamphlet into a complete, integrated picture. My eBook weaves it together for you.

  • • Instant delivery. You receive an email with a link to the eBook as soon as you
    complete payment. No shipping, handling, or postage fees.

  • • Digital eBook works on almost every device – including paper! If you own an e-Reader (such as Kindle or Nook), it allows you to display PDF documents, so you can load your eBook into it. (Note that linking functionality is not available on an e-Reader, this would be read-only.) You can also download the eBook into your iPad  or other tablet, or keep it in your laptop. Of course, many readers report that they use this eBook the old-fashioned way: They print out the pages and put them into a binder. That allows them to highlight passages, dog-ear pages, and treat it like an old-fashioned book. Some readers just print out a few key pages.

7. How to Purchase

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It’s as easy as that. Within a few minutes, you will have your own copy of TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021: A Sensible Guide to Dividend Growth Investing.

Best Wishes for Your Investing Success,

Dave Van Knapp


PS: I am really excited about dividend growth investing. I started with it in 2007-08, and in 2011, I abandoned other forms of stock investing. I moved essentially all of our money into the dividend growth strategy. That means that a large percentage of my wife's and my personal assets now reside in our dividend growth portfolios. I have come to understand that if I get the dividend growth part of my investing right, the portfolio's value will take care of itself. I sincerely believe that for the average individual investor, this is the best form of stock investing for the long haul. 


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  • Stocks in 9 different economic sectors.

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Thank you so much for all that you have done to help so many of us to learn the basics of dividend growth investing.  I can say with complete certainty that my retirement will be way better than it would have otherwise been. I downloaded your most recent eBook, and I have been working my way through it.  I think it is wonderful.  It is so thorough and inclusive. ​​

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I downloaded your eBook last night and found myself staying up way too late to read "just one more page." Seriously, I was blown away by how much thought and care you put into this. People are going to love it! The first half of the book contains so much timeless wisdom and information on the strategy. You have a real gift for explaining complex topics in terms that anyone can understand.

2021 Edition

2021 Edition

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I retired last September, and I am now truly building a stand-alone DGI portfolio in order to create a 'synthetic pension' that is directly controllable. So I do find your book helpful. Thank you.

2021 Edition

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books started me on the DGI path. Nothing is guaranteed, but it is a comfort knowing that there is an ever growing income stream associated with my portfolio. Always anxious to read your articles and use them as a starting point for possible purchases. In short, you have been a major influence on my investing endeavor and for that I say …'Thank you'. "

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