From Chuck Carnevale, Creator of FASTGraphs


I am honored to enthusiastically support Dave’s forthcoming e-book on dividend growth stocks.  Since I have known Dave, he has been a champion of dividend growth investing because he clearly understands that the most predictable aspect of investing in common stocks are dividends. 


Additionally, Dave understands the importance of investing in great dividend stocks at sound valuations.  Since Dave was the one that originally dubbed me “Mr. Valuation,” I am very pleased that he will include our fundamental valuation tool FAST Graphs in his e-book for 2021.  Click here to learn more about FAST Graphs.

From Brian Bollinger, Founder of Simply Safe Dividends


I met Dave in New York in 2017 and have followed his work for years. He's the real deal. Dave has relied on dividends to fund his own retirement for more than a decade and follows a conservative, straightforward approach. Whether you are a beginner or have been investing for decades, Dave is one of the very few voices I wholeheartedly recommend listening to. I was honored that Dave wanted to use some of Simply Safe Dividends' research and Dividend Safety Scores in his e-book. Interested investors can click here to learn more about Simply Safe Dividends.

From Mike Nadel, DGI Author and Proprietor of Daily Trade Alert’s Income Builder Portfolio


Dave has been writing about Dividend Growth Investing so effectively and for so many years that I call him the Godfather of DGI. His deep knowledge of the strategy, and his ability to explain it in a way that helps even neophytes understand it, has made better investors of thousands of people. I am proud to have Dave as a mentor and a friend, and I recommend his book to all those interested in DGI. Click here for more information about the Income Builder Portfolio.

From Jason Fieber, “Mr. Free at 33”


Dave has been an outstanding member of the dividend growth investing community for many, many years. I've had the honor and privilege to work alongside him on a variety of platforms, and his content is absolutely top-notch. 


You can't go wrong by following Dave and reading his words. He's only there to add value and help others become better investors. If the name of the game is building wealth and passive income, you'll be glad to have Dave in your corner.


Click on this link to learn Jason’s story and how DGI helped him achieve financial independence.

Extended remarks from David Jackson, Founder and CEO of Seeking Alpha


Dave Van Knapp is a highly valued member of Seeking Alpha's Dividend Investing community. Over the years, he has helped thousands of investors find stocks, at attractive valuations, which increase their dividends over time.


Seeking Alpha is crowd-sourced, and the most successful and popular authors naturally attract a large following, and Dave is one of them. 


Dave stands out in two particular areas. First, …Dave's advocacy of dividend growth investing is thoughtful and rigorous, focusing on clear goals and consistent methodology. This has helped thousands of investors to succeed, and in particular to avoid acting emotionally as the market rises and falls.


Second, Dave's application of rules-based dividend growth investing is unusually robust…. Dave is … rigorous, for example in his careful use of valuation tools and attention to metrics which can impact a company's ability to grow its dividend in the future.


Dave's qualities are not limited to his investing talents. His explanations are down to earth and accessible, he is open minded and intellectually curious, and his writing reflects his generosity and desire to help other investors succeed.

Remarks from satisfied customers of earlier editions


(Received October, 2020) In the wake of the Great Recession, I was in need of a financial strategy that I could live with. I found you. I have been with you and DGI ever since and never slept better. I am looking forward to your new e-book and consider it a bargain. 

(Received June, 2020) I have your 2014 and 2013 books. Your articles and books started me on the DGI path. Nothing is guaranteed, but it is a comfort knowing that there is an ever growing income stream associated with my portfolio. Always anxious to read your articles and use them as a starting point for possible purchases. I also employ your analysis steps when looking at other purchases. In short, you have been a major influence on my investing endeavor and for that I say …'Thank you'.


Dave, Your 2014 edition is terrific! I printed out the investing-approach chapters and put them into a notebook for my reading/reference. I saved the [stock] chapters into a computer folder along with our portfolio files. Thanks for your contributions to this variant of personal investing.


I just bought and finished my first read-through of your eBook....I have been evolving for the past four years into a retired [dividend growth investor]. My current [portfolio has] 26 stocks with a yield on cost of 4.73%. Those dividends, plus Social Security, more than adequately cover our retirement needs, including a month in Maui each year in February.


I did not realize that the whole dividend growth philosophy was laid out in your eBook in such detail. It is fantastic! The main purpose of this email is to express sincere thanks to you for writing it and all your other articles. It is a wonderful service to all of us.


Dave, I just wanted to express my gratitude for this marvelous masterpiece---obviously informative, educational, fascinating and quite frankly, just plain FUN to read. I just got it and read it cover to cover. Great stuff, thanks again.

Your eBook is the text I recommend, before others, to interested dividend growth investors.​

Dave, [I] just downloaded the 2014 edition to my Kindle account on my Ipad prior to my trip over the pond to Germany for work. I have the 2013 edition and now have read the 2014 edition twice just to make sure I did not miss anything. May read it 3 times if necessary.

Great reading for anyone who is trying to figure out how to turn their 401k retirement account into an income stream for the next 30 years and then pass on the capital to their children and grand-children. What a legacy for parents to give their children.​

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