Q:  Can I order multiple copies of your book?


A: Yes. Before you are sent to PayPal, you will see this:

Use the up and down arrows to select how many eBooks you wish to order. The default setting is 1, as shown.

Q:  How do I download the eBook?


A: After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email from me that contains a link that looks like this:

Click on that link, and the eBook, which is a PDF file, will download to your device. Please note that the details of how it downloads will depend on your device’s settings. The download should take less than a minute, depending on the speed of your device, your wi-fi connection, etc.


The download will go smoothly on most devices. However, if you have problems, please see these special instructions for particular devices and browsers:


Mac with Safari browser : Click here 
Mac with Chrome browser: Click here
PC with Edge browser: Click here
PC with Chrome browser: Click here

Q: Can I download the eBook to both my desktop and tablet?

A. Yes. Just open it in each. Probably the easiest way to do this is to open it first on whichever device you had us send the email (including the download link) to, then forward that email to yourself on the other device. The link will work again, so then you'll have the book on both devices.

Q: Do I need Adobe Acrobat Reader on my device to receive the eBook?

A. Most modern PCs, Macs, and other devices have their own capabilities for receiving PDF files built into their operating systems. Some devices come with Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed. You can either let your device use your settings to determine how it will receive the PDF file, or you can install Adobe Acrobat Reader on your device first.

Q: How do I get Adobe Acrobat Reader?


A: The Adobe Acrobat Reader program is available as a no-charge download from Adobe's web site, and it allows the viewing and printing of PDF files. For further information, go to the Adobe website.

Q: Is this a subscription service?


A: No, it is an e-book. You will receive a PDF file that you can download to your own desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader (such as Kindle), mobile phone, or other device.

Q: Is there a monthly fee?


A: No. You pay once, to buy it. After you download it, it is yours to keep. The material is copyrighted, so I ask that you not share it beyond your family nor post it online.

Q: Is there a continuing update service?


A: No. As with a traditional book, the product is complete when you buy it. However, I contribute frequently to Daily Trade Alert, where you can find my continuing thinking. I publish monthly updates to my Dividend Growth Portfolio, a Dividend Growth Stock of the Month, and a new series called High Quality Dividend Growth Stock of the Month.

Q: Can I print the e-book?


A: Yes, and many readers in the past have told me they did exactly that, putting the pages into a binder so they could put notes in the margins.

Q: Do you cover the theory of dividend growth investing?


A: Yes, over half the book is an investing manual focused on DG investing. The first part of the manual covers the theory behind DGI and why it works.

Q: Does the book have model portfolios?


A: No, because the mission of the book is to teach self-directed investors how to construct their own portfolios.


However, the book does present in detail 30 stocks that are prime candidates for DGI portfolios. Some of the stocks I have dubbed All Stars, because they have proved their mettle for decades as reliable, high-quality DG stocks. I am including these companies for their sheer excellence, even if they are not well-valued for purchase at the time of publication.


Some of the stocks analyzed in the e-book are high-yielders, while others have lower yields but faster dividend growth rates. Several stocks will have attractive entry valuations at the time of publication, while others will need to be watched to find good entry points.


While there are no model portfolios, everyone has free access to my public Dividend Growth Portfolio, which has been running since 2008. I publish monthly update reports at Daily Trade Alert. You do not need to buy the e-book to read those updates nor any of my other articles on Daily Trade Alert.

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