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My e-book is the premier how-to-do-it guide for dividend growth investing. It has two major elements:

  • • ​An investing manual that covers stock selection, valuation, portfolio construction, and portfolio management. 

    • ​30 of the best dividend-growth stocks available today, completely analyzed from the dividend-growth perspective.

Here are some of the features and benefits of TOP 30 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2021: A Sensible Guide to Dividend Growth Investing:

  • ✓ Shows how to find and evaluate top dividend growth stocks. It is written to be understandable even if you know nothing about stock analysis.

  • ✓ Presents an exclusive list and analyses of 30 great dividend growth stocks for 2021. The Top-30 presentations comprise over 200 pages of the book.

  • ✓ Includes a complete guide with step-by-step instructions on how to construct and manage your dividend-growth portfolio.

  • ✓ Presents my own real-money Dividend Growth Portfolio that has been in operation since 2008. You can see how this investing strategy works in real life.

  • ✓ Contains a complete glossary, with special emphasis on terms that are common in dividend-growth investing.


Using the insights in the book, you can start to build a new dividend growth portfolio
immediately or re-tool a portfolio you already have.

If you are not sure that this e-book is for you, here are other resources on this website to help you decide:

  •           • About the E-Book: Click this link for a detailed description of the content in the book.
  •           • TOC: Click to see the Table of Contents, chapter titles, and pages devoted to each subject.
  •           • About Dividend Growth Investing: Click to discover more about the investing strategy itself.

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Dave Van Knapp

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David Jackson

Founder and CEO of Seeking Alpha

Dave Van Knapp is a highly valued member of Seeking Alpha's Dividend Investing community. Over the years, he has helped thousands of investors find stocks, at attractive valuations, which increase their dividends over time.


Dave…has been a compelling advocate of the goals and methodology of dividend growth investing. Dave's application of rules-based dividend growth investing is unusually robust [and] rigorous.

Mike Nadel

Author for Seeking Alpha and Daily Trade Alert, where he originated and manages the site’s Income Builder Portfolio

Dave has been writing about Dividend Growth Investing so effectively and for so many years that I call him the Godfather of DGI. His deep knowledge of the strategy, and his ability to explain it in a way that helps even neophytes understand it, has made better investors of thousands of people. I am proud to have Dave as a mentor and a friend, and I recommend his book to all those interested in DGI.

Greg Patrick

Co-Founder of Daily Trade Alert

Dave is one of the most highly-respected influencers in the DGI space. He's published e-books, produced an online course, penned hundreds of articles, and is a sought-after speaker... all on the subject of dividend growth investing. Along the way, he's helped thousands of self-directed investors learn about DGI.  

There are a few people that I can point to and say "That person was integral in shaping my long-term investment strategy." Dave Van Knapp, with his teachings on DGI, is one of those people. I am proud that he's one of the voices representing Daily Trade Alert.

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