This is the Table of Contents for Dave Van Knapp’s Top 30 Dividend Growth Stocks for 2021: A Sensible Guide to Dividend Growth Investing 


Some things to notice:


(1) The first 14 chapters – about 200 pages – comprise the “Sensible Guide.” If you read the chapter titles, you will see that this is actually a step-by-step instruction manual on stock investing. It could stand alone as a book by itself.

(2) Chapter 15 – about 230 pages – presents the Top 30 Dividend Growth Stocks for 2021. Each stock is fully analyzed in a 7- or 8-page report. The reports are custom-designed to emphasize important factors for dividend-growth investors. They also suggest fair buying prices for each stock.


(3) Chapter 16 presents the history and current picture of my 12-year-old Dividend Growth Portfolio. This portfolio is still running today as a real-life example of dividend growth in action. Spoiler alert: The portfolio now generates more than 10% of my original investment per year in cash income, and the income stream grows each year. (Try doing that with a bond.)


(4) Chapter 18 is a glossary of investment terms, also custom-written for the dividend-growth investor. More than 90 terms are defined and explained.

2021 Edition

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